Cagebot is a modular robotic kit with an innovative programming environment that systematically combines the advantages of screw-mountable construction elements, powerful electronics and graphical programming. The result is a radically simplified approach to the world of robotics. Whether newbie or nerd: You are going to have a whole lot of fun. 


   簡易拆裝   各式模型應用最佳選擇

 Easy to assemble


As many as 18 fasteners and hundreds of bricks and components of different sizes and shapes, you can quickly assembly and dissemble any complex structure, by using simple handy tools.  Stable baseplates and electronically controlled applications come in all kinds of combinations. The only limitation is imagination. These interlocking pieces can be created into any theme.


 Learning Portfolios


Six-axis structure with any orientation, firmly and steadily


Irregular shapes fall into pieces snuggly with fasteners. It is possible to create a variety of planar and free-standing structures, e.g. right angles, spheres, cubes and ovals. Engineering plastics and hardware fixtures support the weight of your works, securely and steadily.  


Dense pins and holes, hardware and program scalability


Dense pins and holes can go with any fixtures. Compatibility with famous branded bricks and availability of extension packs and 3D printing sets supports hardware scalability and control boards with different programming languages. All these promise a fun maker experience!








 Micro Deceleration DC Motor


The gearbox made by Sha Yang Ye Robot Wonderland has built-in metal gears that are wear-resistant with a long service life!


Special output bearing design. The metal twin-shaft is flat and stable without shaking!


The output speed error is small (within 3%).